Focus on Renewal

FOR a better life


Citizens who are served by focus on renewal become resilient, contributing members of our community.


Focus on renewal’s programs and partnerships connect children, adults, and families with relationships, resources, and opportunities to develop and sustain a thriving community.


Inclusion. Support. Partnership. Trust. Wellness.

Sto-Rox Public Library

FOR Administrative Offices

Sto-Rox Public Library
Father Ryan Arts Center
420 Chartiers Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

(412) 331-1685

Administrative Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9:30 am to 4pm

Library Hours:

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FOR Community Resource Center

500 Chartiers Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

(412) 331-1685, extension 310

Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 4 pm

Hays Manor Community Center

FOR Positive Parenting McKees Rocks Family Center

Hays Manor Community Center
205 Locust Street
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

(412) 331-1685, extensions 232

Head Start building

FOR Family Foundations Early Head Start

224 Helen Street
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

(412) 771-2810

Cynthia Haines

Executive Director

(412) 331-1685 ext. 321

Diona Jones

Deputy Director

(412) 331-1685 ext. 348

Ronay J. Austin

Director of Family Foundations Early Head Start

(412) 771-2810

James Facer

Library Director

(412) 331-1685 ext. 313

Adrienne Roberts

Director of Positive Parenting Program

McKees Rocks Family Center

(412) 331-1685 ext.232

Gray Montague

Director of Development

(412) 331-1685 ext.332

Lynn Berman

Home Visitor

(412) 331-1685 ext.515


Chrissie Bupp

Family Engagement Specialist

412-331-1685 ext.115


Kelly Cinkan

Center Aide

412-331-1685 ext.311


Trevia Dixson

Community Engagement Specialist

(412) 331-1685 ext. 308


Michon L. Dubbs M.S.

Mental Health Specialist

(412) 331-1685 ext. 314



(412) 331-1685 ext.113


June M. Fleming

Community Resource Center Coordinator

(412) 331-1685 ext.310


Claudia Hrimnock

Librarian Assistant

(412) 331-1685 ext.366


Shyhyelle Jones

Library Assistant Assistant

(412) 331-1685 ext.366


TaMesha Jones

Trauma Support Specialist

(412) 331-1685 ext.306

Miranda Potts

Parent Engagement Specialist

(412) 383-5011


Christopher Mason

Communications Coordinator


Carrie L. Molitierno

Finance and Accounting Assistant

(412) 331-1685 ext.254


Nikksa Morris

Home Visitor


Larry Rodgers

Operations Manager

(412) 331-1685 ext. 213

Kim Rogers

Executive Assistant

(412) 331-1685 ext. 320


Kimberly Spriggs

Family Development Specialist, Kindergarten Readiness

(412) 331-1685 ext.246


Hope Thomas

Trauma Support Specialist

(412) 331-1685 ext.247


Ryan Westwood

Program Assistant

412-331-1685 ext. 244

Board of Directors

Tammy Spencer Bey, President

Tracey L. Lewis, Vice President

Benjamin P. O’Leary, Treasurer

Jennifer Dickquist, Secretary

Mina Baker Knoll

Mrs. Marlene Banks

Bruce J. Boni

Terri Clemons Clark

Elaine M. Cole, MS

Willie Dawson

Chuck Fusina

Mary Mancini Hartner

Terry L. Ketchum

Tracey L. Lewis

Janetta Mixter

Lydia Morin

Anthony Reynolds

Michael E. Wallace

Derrick Wilson


Fr. Regis Ryan, Director Emeritus

Focus on Renewal: A history rooted in community
Sister Ruth and Father Ryan
Sister Ruth and Father Ryan

In 1969, amidst unrest across the country, a group of concerned citizens and activists mobilized to ensure the people of Sto-Rox were being cared for, represented, and provided with equitable opportunities to thrive.

The Focus on Renewal Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corporation, or FOR for short, was born to unite the community and provide an umbrella organization for much-needed social services in the community. From early childhood education to nutrition, support groups and mental health to arts programs, FOR quickly established itself as a pillar of the community serving neighbors young and old.

Today, Focus on Renewal shares the same commitment as its founders: creating opportunities for Sto-Rox residents to live a better life by providing a range of programs and services delivered with dignity and respect.

FOR’s staff of 30, now stretched across four convenient locations, works toward fostering a healthy body, mind and spirit for everyone in the community. We always have been, and always will be, here FOR you.

Careers at Focus on Renewal

Please find all current openings here, along with job descriptions and convenient application forms.


Audit Report

Audit Report

Form 990

Audit Report

Form 990

Form 990