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Standing with the community

Dear Community members,

Focus on Renewal stands in solidarity, with love and respect, for the people we serve. We are with you, and are here for you and have been for over fifty years. Some things have changed over the past five decades, while others have not. Racism is not a new construct, it has oppressed many for years. We say we live in very disturbing and tumultuous times, but for many this has been their truth and reality for their entire life. What we can do is this, make a pledge that “Focus on Renewal will continue to address institutional and system racism when, and wherever, we encounter it. We are committed to self reflection, and to continue erasing institutional bias to create systemic change for organizational inclusion at our agency, and in the organizations we partner with.” Love will lead the way, while determination and resolve will be necessary to stay the course. We cannot yield, our commitment must be complete and long lasting. The lives of our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and, yes, even folks we have yet to meet, are counting on agencies like Focus on Renewal to take a stand. Count us in – all in.

Cindy Haines
Executive Director